Bear Mountain and Harriman Hikes

                                  Let's take a hike!

What to wear:

  • Some trails are suitable for sneakers but hiking boots or shoes may be required on some.  A pair of hiking socks is also a great idea.  They keep the feet cool in summer and warm in winter but can also help reduce friction.  Sandals, high heels or open shoes or inappropriate.
  • Comfortable clothing-In warmer seasons lightweight materials, avoid cotton and jeans.  Breathable, moisture wicking fabrics are extremely comfortable in the summer.  Especially if the day is humid and/or extremely warm.  In the colder weather layers are always the best.  Wool is my preference and breathable layers are extremely comfortable.
  • Gloves during the cold weather and also gaiters are great protection from snow in your boots.  I also use gaiters during the summer if we have had a lot of rain.  It keeps the mud out of your boots.
  • Hats are always great for sun protection but also for warmth in the winter. 
  • Backpack:  Something lightweight, you can carry your lunch or snack.  At least two water bottles or a camelback, even in the winter you should stay hydrated. It is also handy to carry your extra layer so you can add or remove as you warm up.
  • And don't forget your camera!  

You must notify the guide of any allergies or illnesses before the hike.

Sign a release of liability waiver and bring with you the day of hike.